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Effective Date: 15 February 2021


Thank you for considering participation in scientific research to help advance the study of human health. We are hopeful that this research will help scientists better understand and improve human health. This Informed Consent relates to research that may be performed by MyID or any third-party researcher or in collaboration between MyID and a third-party researcher (as further described below).

As to any internal MyID product development or enhancement work that is not covered by this consent, such development or enhancement is covered by the MyID Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statements.

Your consent to participate in this research is completely voluntary and is not required to use any of our products or services. Even if you consent to participate in the research, you may withdraw your consent at any time, but your information will not be removed from research that is in progress or completed. We encourage you to carefully read the full text below before deciding whether to give consent.

The full text of the Informed Consent is below and explains the following:

  1. What is the MyID Human Diversity Project?
  2. What am I agreeing to if I consent?
  3. Who conducts the research?
  4. What data is used?
  5. How is my Data used and shared if I give consent?
  6. How is my Data protected?
  7. If I consent, will MyID or Collaborators and Collaborator Partners contact me?
  8. Are there any risks to me?
  9. Are there any costs if I consent? Do I receive compensation or other benefits if I consent?
  10. Do I have to consent to the Project?
  11. What is my alternative to participating?
  12. Can I withdraw from the Project?
  13. Who can I contact about the Project?


1. What is the MyID Study Project?

At MyID, part of our mission is to advance research related to the study of human health. One way we do that is to offer you the opportunity to participate in scientific research performed in the United States and in other countries designed to:

We refer to all research focused on the Purpose that My Study Project (the “Project”). We refer to getmyid.com and our affiliated companies collectively as “MyID” “us,” “we,” or “our.”

Studies performed under this Project may lead to related commercial developments of new products.

3. Who conducts the research?

Employees of MyID perform some of the research for the Project. We also work with researchers from other organizations and companies who share our Purpose. This might include academic institutions as well as non-profit and for-profit businesses or government agencies (“Collaborators”).

These Collaborators may also work with other entities to conduct research associated with our Purpose (“Collaborator Partners”). Find out more about our Collaborators here. The research for the Project may be performed solely by us, or by Collaborators with or without help from MyID researchers or Collaborator Partners. All researchers, whether affiliated with MyID, our Collaborators, or Collaborator Partners are referred to in this Informed Consent as “Researchers.” MyID will review all research requests for Personal Health Information (as described below).

In some instances, MyID receives compensation from Collaborators who work on the Project. Some of the researchers who are employees of MyID also have a significant amount of stock or other ownership in MyID or getmyid.com. If you have concerns about this employment and stock ownership, ask for more information via the contact information listed below.